Dr H Raju

Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist

Over recent years, the range of investigations and treatments available for palpitations, blackouts and other heart rhythm problems has changed dramatically, with increasingly focused specialist training. This gives patients the opportunity to see heart rhythm specialists (cardiac electrophysiologists) who have devoted years of training towards being equipped to personally deliver integrated care across the continuum of non-invasive and invasive tests in addition to medical (tablet), device (pacemaker and defibrillator) and ablation (procedural) therapies for these problems.

Dr Hari Raju offers this level of expert knowledge and care to patients in Sydney in a fully coordinated and seamless patient-centred manner with his cardiologist colleagues at Macquarie University and Concord Hospitals, in addition to liaising with local cardiologists when consulting at Burwood Cardiology and St Vincent's Heart (Bondi Junction). He has achieved the highest international qualification in his field: European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) Certified Electrophysiology Specialist Level 2 (ECES).

Referrals to Dr Hari Raju for cardiology, electrophysiology, sports cardiology or familial sudden death opinions are accepted by encrypted attachment from this website. Please specify patient contact details, preferred location of consultation and Medicare provider number with your referral; urgent referrals must be confirmed by telephone.

Macquarie University Hospital

MQ Health Cardiology
Suite 203 Level 2
2 Technology Pl NSW 2109
TEL: 02 9812 2900
FAX: 02 9475 1155
  • Consulting & Investigations
  • Arrhythmia Ablations
  • Implants & Checks (PPM/ICD/CRT)
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Concord Hospital

Cardiology Dept
Level 3 West
Hospital Rd NSW 2139
TEL: 02 9767 5535
FAX: 02 9767 8395
  • Consulting & Investigations
  • Arrhythmia Ablations
  • Implants & Checks (PPM/ICD/CRT)
Hospital Site

Burwood Cardiology

L6/74-76 Burwood Rd
Burwood NSW 2134
TEL: 02 9747 4133
FAX: 02 9747 4166
  • Consulting & Investigations
  • Device Checks (PPM/ICD/CRT)
Clinic Site

St Vincent's Heart

L12/1 Newland St
Bondi Junction NSW 2022
TEL: 02 9369 1199
FAX: 02 9369 4155
  • Consulting & Investigations
  • Device Checks (PPM/ICD/CRT)
Clinic Site

Heart Rhythm Problems

Palpitations, blackouts or dizzy spells can indicate abnormal persistent or intermittent heart rhythms. Consider a specialist opinion and management (including ablation or pacemaker if appropriate) on these symptoms.

Sports Cardiology

Young athletic individuals are the healthiest of us, but still carry a 1 in 300 chance of a potentially dangerous underlying heart condition that may be identified during expert evaluation by a sports cardiologist.

Atrial Fibrillation (AF)

Atrial fibrillation is a common abnormal heart rhythm often identified following a stroke or even by an irregular pulse during a routine medical check. Ablation by an electrophysiologist is the best treatment for symptoms if medications have not helped.

Unexplained Sudden Death

Unexplained premature sudden death is due to an underlying genetic cardiac fault in up to half of all cases. Blood relatives should be assessed by a specialist with comprehensive cardiac testing to ensure there are no surviving family members who remain at risk.